Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Get the DATE right.. right!

Hey everyone,

the universe works in weird and wonderful ways.

I created a little spreadsheet that calculates the times we play and have breaks at gigs (stay tuned for more on this) and at the last Bowie gig on the 20th May I added the date of our next gig there. I rarely announce the next date and we have been playing there each month for a couple of years now. Anyway, I figured people often ask and I should know the date on the spot!

So when I announced the date and Sandy the bargirl came running up to tell me that wasn't the date on the already printed flyers... we had a problem!

So a couple of days later, all is sorted and instead of the 17th of June, MADLLIPS are playing the Beaumaris RSL on Friday the 24th June  Kind of the nightmare I don't want to have is turn up to a gig when another band is booked or worse... not turn up at all!!

Rock on and remember, LIVE Music is the BEST Music!

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