Monday, 8 August 2011

Originals or Covers – The Musicians dilemma

Well, you’re in for a treat today so please read to the end!
Musicians, for the best part, are creative souls and always trying different things to get the music from inside them to the outside world. We are such diverse creatures that there is an enormous range of music to suit all tastes.

Getting YOUR original music out to an audience is very hard work for most musicians unless you happen to be in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time where someone who has the POWER and likes what they hear, will put the time and money into producing and distributing your music. So even if a musician has a yearning to produce original music, doing so and making any money from it is often elusive.

Audiences are many and varied, and the ones who usually go out to the pub to spend money on drinks and have a dance usually want to hear their old favourites, and so cover bands exist to perform for such people. Make no mistake, we enjoy performing and playing covers earns us some pocket money to keep updating our gear and having some fun. Maybe not pay the mortgage for most of us, but we still get to play.

Well recording has changed radically since the day we bought our first Tascam or Fostex 4 track tape recorder which wowed and fluttered its way through numerous track bounce downs to produce a scratchy demo for your family and friends. Now we have so many computer programs that we can create studio quality recordings in our own homes. So the original song genie is now out of the bottle and with the internet can now be shared with the world!

So the treat for you all today is one of many original songs that has been penned by Pat, the front man of MADLLIPS, and is up on that amazing resource, You Tube.

Please click here to have a listen to Pat’s song – Feels Like I’m In Love.

Enjoy and until the next blog.. rock on.